Normal? Is there such thing?

Hello Pretty Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am home! There is no place like New England. Really. Texas was alright, but the trees, mountains, fresh air.. nothing beats it!

I am back in my old basement, whoo hoo.

Texas really DID do something for me though. It showed me that I CAN leave home. I CAN have my own life.

I just didn’t like the “feel” of Texas, that’s all.

I will find my home eventually, there is plenty of time.

I also came face to face with myself. Meaning, it was easy to become aware of my own habits and fears.

Getting out of the “norm” for almost 2 months was perfect! I am now ready to face what I want to accomplish in the next year or so.

Do you want to feel your best and no obsess about your diet, weight, or size? Schedule a session with me.

Feeling free is possible! I’ve gotten there, but we all have to work at it everyday.

It takes a while and recovery isn’t easy. But it is possible. I WILL get to one size and stay there. Say “no” to diets and say “yes” to life.  

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