Life is too short

We all don’t know why we are here. We are all on the search for one simple thing…

… happiness.

Happiness isn’t something we should feel or define. It should be a choice and we can choose whatever we want in life. There are no rules.

After being alive for 22 years..

I still don’t have the answer to… what life is about.

But I do know after 22 years of letting others affect my happiness and choices.. it does get easier if you strive for control, freedom and answers as to why you made the choices you did in the past.

Advice I have for those of you that seem to let others affect their mood, life and happiness?

Learn to be alone. It’s a magical feeling. Believe me.. I never imagined that would come out of such a “people person.”

Be around supportive, loving people that love you for who you are.  

Life is too short to concentrate on someone that isn’t treating you like the beautiful princess you are, learn to let go. There are 897942001 people in this world dying to meet you.

Never give up. Never.

It takes a lifetime of hard work to finally be free. Learn to just do what you love. Experiment until you find it.

Slow down.

Do not let anyone “tame”  or try and “fix” the outrageous, amazing, creative, happy, and beautiful person that you are. You are your own being and can function in any way that fulfills you.

Do what makes you happy. It’s never too late to be the “real” you.

Forgive and let go.

Search for answers.

You only have the moment, don’t take time for gradient.

Time is the most valuable thing in this world.

Your destination and “recovery” process will be different then everyone else’s.

Love for yourself doesn’t happen overnight. After your confidence has been taken away from you, more then once, it isn’t easy to get back.

The simplest things in life are the best.

Get rid of the toxic.. unhealthy relationships.

Stop trying to look for who you are and trust yourself enough to create who you want to be. 🙂

Stop trying to get “rid” of your bad habits and obsessions. Instead, let them be, let them happen, and you will slowly see them disappear.

We are all recovering, trying to create the person we want to be. Don’t let others stop you from your dreams and passions and instead just “be.”


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