Life is a party!!

Life is a party people! You can now stop being so sad, mad and angry. Start enjoying!!

The only advice I really can give right now is to be honest with yourself.

Up until yesterday.. I was still in denial.


How do I know that? I didn’t feel in anyway the way I do right now. No matter what… I am going to continue to accept my body, just watch. 😉

I already threw away shorts “I thought I fit in.” Yes they fit.. but they weren’t anything I want to continue wearing…

I also will be getting rid of certain bathing suits. Some people may think they look good. But to me? I want my FAVORITE tankini back. Just because I think it’s adorable and I feel much more comfortable wearing it! Look how cute it is!

Here are some pictures from today. I set out on my bike this morning. I went to Central Market and enjoyed breakfast with the squirrel.


(I fed him a grape :p)

Delicious (peanut butter included of course……..)

Then I biked around Austin and just enjoyed my morning. I was plenty energized!!

I was even able to meditate a bit. 🙂

It’s been about 9 days. It took one week.

 I am doing this experiment to better who I want to be. Not who I was. 

I will show you the “experiment” document when I am done. But you will be able to see the changes that one day made.

I don’t know what happened but I think it’s all the alone time and silence that I have been doing. I have been reinforcing positive thoughts constantly. Think about it… it took one whole week of positive, logical thinking to realize what was really going on habit wise.  

Alone time/silence= awareness. Are you really aware? How many times do you just eat something, do some type of workout, or even check facebook out of habit?


Out of all the things to do, feel and be in the world I have been surrounding myself with food thoughts, when there are a million-trillion other things I could be doing. I have been surrounding myself with everyone else’s thoughts and plans, and not thinking for myself. I have been surrounding myself with everyone else’s worries and anxieties and not doing what is best for me. Think about, you have constant information going in and out of your brain daily. When are you thinking for you? I want to remind you of this so you CAN become aware!

1. There is no need to rush your days away. There is so much time in one whole day when you stop, think and realize what it is your doing and why. (Meditate, I actually did it today! ) Get rid of what is not fulfilling you!!! Even if your best friend is doing it.


2. Experiment. It took me a week to get sick of what I was doing (very limited diet, no exercise, eating fast, etc.)

3. Plan what it is right for you. I realized I was a lot better off when I WASN’T looking at that many healthy living blogs! I had a clean, balanced diet. I worked out because it was fun (I just talked to a girl at the gym and did some cardio.) An exercise routine doesn’t have to be perfect. My Uncle Lou has stayed in rather good, BALANCED health all his life and he never felt the need to go to a gym (he was just moving around!)

4. All the information you read about has been passed down a numerous amount of times. Until you really experiment for yourself, how do you know if it will really work for you?

The need for control and to always be doing something has effected my diet. Guilt and anxiety has also been the reason. But now.. I know I have no reason for it. I am smart and don’t need to feel guilty about anything. I live my own life.

Doing nothing helped me realize my own habits.  

The reinforcement that food will always be there helps me to stay in control and at ease.

The reinforcement that practicing good habits (eating regularly, balanced and slow) reminds me that I am doing something good for my future. 

When I start practicing eating slowly, I actually know when to stop. MINDFUL EATING.

Being alone made me realize how much I “need” to feel “needed.” Looking at the phone, checking email, etc. I need to focus on myself in order to get rid of the “needy” feeling.  

Mindful Fact:

Pay attention to what you are reading online, it plays a part in how you think and act.

Question: Think back to why you ate the way you did (in the past) when do you last remember being in control and happy.

For me….. I was in high school.. I was working at my uncles pizza restaurant. I was an average weight, ate normal, and stayed active (in a “normal” way) I moved around at work (always standing) and just did fun things with friends.

I think back and yea I wasn’t “tiny” but I was balanced and happy. Now, I know so much about nutrition! Now, I am completely mindful of what I am eating and why. There is no way I will ever be obese!

I need to be a little bit more reasonable with myself.. and give myself a break! I am becoming a little bit more of my creative self and setting up a plan for myself that is normal, reasonable, and makes me happy.

What are you going to do to start giving yourself some slack and stop doing what everyone else is doing?

Start taking control and becoming more confident in that YOU CAN do what makes you happy. Realize that no matter what, you don’t have to be at a perfect size and start making good habits for yourself and your future. You can accept yourself today.


2 thoughts on “Life is a party!!

  1. This is some great stuff, I too have never felt the ned to goto a gym, up until this past year I had never used one and I only went with a friend, I was bored at the gym but it did offer a controlled way to work certain muscles that my everyday life maintained rather than building so that I could do my everyday things easier.

    1. Gotcha, that is a positive thought for sure!

      It’s a healing process I will never regret. To gain control is something I hope everyone can do… and to get rid of unnecessary worries, thoughts and obsessions.

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