I would much rather be remembered as someone inspirational then someone perfect.

What happens when a women with control issues, a troubled past of distorted eating, guilt with spending money, and overall no self control? She takes a vacation from it all!! With needing control over something constantly (such as food, money and people) this “vacation” will be treated as a long “fear facer.”
While she is enrolled in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to be a certified health coach, she is taking a vacation from it all to become face to face with her fears and anxieties. She believes if she wants to be an inspiring health coach she needs to practice what she preaches. Therefore, by welcoming herself to her new “home” in Austin, Texas.. it’s the perfect time to let it all “just be.” Let all hang loose! Let it all “GO!” No excessive exercise, eating without guilt, and spending a logical amount of money when needed. Rest, relaxation and a whole lot of nothing will be in order! Herself, her mind, her thoughts, and pleasure will all be in action. She will take minimal notes to remember thoughts, feelings, worries, and anxieties. Wish her the best of luck and stay tuned for “results.”


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