A health coaching perspective <3

Many many many people have journeys. We all have emotions and feelings and no one comes into “finding themselves” at the exact moment. It’s when you begin to *trust* yourself, spend time *alone* and ask yourself questions that you really have that *feeling* of self love. It’s hard to explain until you reach that point… but when you do.. you feel like you can take over the world. You feel as though no one can put you down no matter what they say. You feel on top of the world and understand that peoples words can’t make or break you.


You wonder why it’s taken so long to feel like you do, but you understand that until you spend a large amount of time reflecting, searching, wondering and just “being” that it’s hard to really know who you are as a human. Looks don’t define who you are, they are just a cover. The way you feel inside will reflect the actions you take.. it becomes a lot clearer, happier, and overall better when you can actually feel yourself loving others, and especially yourself. You no longer look at yesterday as a mistake or regret but just as a chapter of your life. You learn and start understanding that no two people will ever be the same. The mirroring of someone else shows you something you want to take on for yourself, to help define you as a human. It doesn’t mean you will be that person.. it just means that you want to take on that quality or interest. All your experiences, emotions, and knowledge make up your identity. Don’t be afraid to take on more and more as it will help you to become stronger and higher! The more knowledge and abilities you gain the more you can share with others. Sharing is fun, feels good, and makes others feel good. Life is about sharing, experiencing and learning and don’t let one thing rule your world or life. When you own nothing except knowledge, happiness, and memories the freer you feel. Enjoy your life and own it, don’t let it own you.

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