Goofy June Loves <3

I love “love posts” they make me happy! I think it makes me so happy because it’s a post sharing the current “loves” of our lives. Life to me is all about LOVE.


and most importantly…



of course! I tried doing away with it…

…but that will never happen…

Well you can’t ever say never but honestly nut butter is one of my favorite foods….

I WILL one day try every single nut butter out there. Right now I am finishing up a Central Market brand. It’s ok. A little too “sugary” tasting for me. Why is it that some taste more sugary then others when the only ingredient listed is “Dry Roasted Peanuts.” My all time favorite as of RIGHT NOW is… of course…

Will another brand ever compare to this one?! STAY TUNED! It has to be a “stir” kind! I don’t like it when they are pasty.. I am also getting to love almond butter more and more!!


I love having some carbonation.. and this is the perfect fix without all the crap added into my body!


 What I am currently loving that doesn’t have to do with food is trying all the new places in Austin, Texas! It’s such a blessing, thrill and adventure to me. I love change and trying new things. What a luxury it has been being able to work from my computer and going wherever I want to work! Yes it can be boring. However, it’s perfect for right now.

I have been to whole foods and central market way too much. I need to branch out and start moving on to new places! However, I did manage a seasonal job at whole foods! See what persistence can do. 😉

What will happen is I will be employed by them but there will not be any “set” schedule. I will be given out shifts when they need the help. However, there is room for growth AND they told me I could go in anytime and ask someone if they want me to take the rest of their shift (how often I do this is totally up to me!) How cool! :p I just think the job itself will be play time for me. Seeing how I go in there just to stare at the nut butter and walk around. 😉



My ex got me into country music and now.. I can’t stop.  I think it’s a love of mine I never knew I had. It gets me going at the gym and calms me down in times of sadness. It the perfect mix of upbeat and slow. I don’t think anything beats it right now! Eric Church is even playing at Cedar Park in September. I am definitely going to consider attending! Who thinks I should go?! 😉

(Source) How could I say no to that face… 😉


Grapes have been playing a HUGE role in my diet.  Before I left home I was only attending yoga and eating a lot of produce. A lot of fruit and veggies. Which is fine. I had everything under control and felt good. However, I got to points where I was either really hungry or wanting other things and that’s when I got out of control. I also decided I wanted to be more active. I started adding in more of my “regular” foods but was still consuming a large amount of fruit SUCH AS GRAPES. I love grapes but again I can go over board! I think I should take a break for a little while and consume a little less fruit then I have been enjoying! The sugar can really get to me. What fruits are you addicted to?!




The more and more I learn about myself..

…the more I can make depart from the old…

and move on with the new.

With personality….


….wants…..incentives…….use of time….


…..exercise routines….and so on. 

Learn, and have confidence in what YOUR INNER SELF is trying to tell you!!!!

4 thoughts on “Goofy June Loves <3

  1. Beautiful post sweetie! I love “love posts” too! This made me smile! 🙂 Thank you! I am a country music lover, too 🙂 I am so happy you are!!!!!! Also, have you tried hazelnut butter? I used to be ALL about almond butter, but hazelnut butter has recently stole my heart

    1. I haven’t but there is something about “hazelnuts that never agreed with me.. so I would be kind of scared to try it!! However, I trust you when you say it’s delicious! LOL

      Do a love a post! Id love to read it. 🙂

  2. Lauren ! Try hazelnut butter, you ‘ll dieeeeeeeeeee, it’s so good =)

    Btw I’ve got your email from my last comment and I m gonna send you an email when I have more free time (I barely have enough time to workout, tht’s how bad it is right now ! )

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