I was going to call this post “I want my smooth skin back.” I got a reeeeally bad burn and it’s been bugging me that my smooth isn’t smooth anymore.. 

However, I am currently reading Susan Jeffers “LIFE IS HUGE!”

She explains in the first few pages that her view from her house is disrupted by a simple branch and because of it.. her “view” isn’t perfect. 

If we constantly focus on that “branch” our view from life is disrupted by perfection, STORY OF MY LIFE. 

I am wasting happiness time for no reason! There’s nothing I can do now except appreciate everything else in my life.. right?!  Easier said then done. 🙂 

So RIGHT now.. I will change my thoughts and this post to “LIFE IS WONDERFUL. :)” 

Well it is Saturday night. I plan on posting this tomorrow.

I wanted to tell you guys how I have been doing.

But if I told you the truth of what has happened you will think i’m lying when I said “good.” You see, I am doing good. I totally and ridiculously blew up at myself tonight. For the good….

Still smiling ❤ 

What has happened to me in the last three weeks is this:

1. Moved to Austin, Texas.
2. Starting living 100% independently.
3. Got in a accident (just a fender bender)
4. Got a REALLY bad sun burn on my back.
5. Got towed and had to pay a ridiculous amount of money (when I was in my own parking lot.)
6. And number 5 happened for the second time last night (not even joking.)

…but I am still doing good. I wish to heaven and back that my back would heal faster then it is because well… I do want to enjoy my summer a little bit. However, worst COULD happen.

With all of this happening you can imagine my stress level. Although I am staying quite calm I always can tell when I am stressed because my eating and drinking can become unbalanced. It will take a few “party” nights and binges to tell me I need to get back on track.

I took back control and kind of had a personal “melt down.” I know right from wrong and I needed to shape up. Start acting like an adult! I told my myself how tired I was of listening and following others all the time. NOT listening to my heart. NOT listening to my inner self. I told myself off, I told myself I was done. My focus, energy and happiness leave when I begin to take too much in from others. I know what my inner self tells me. I know the person I aspire to be and I am the only one not letting myself be that person.

I can no longer live in yesterday’s world, or tomorrows I have to live for myself in TODAY’S world. Nothing will ever feel, look or be perfect in this world. There is no need for complaining, just happiness. When you live for yourself, make your views and opinions and actually try something out for yourself.. you begin to love everything no matter what happens. Because in that frame of mind you remember that your freedom and individuality should mean the most to you.

What is life without every single kind of emotion anyway?!


Just like food tastes differently for people, something smells differently to people, and someone SEES something different should tell you that LIFE isn’t just one thing or one definition. Everyone feels and views life completely differently. Just talk to people.

My senses kind of work like this: My hearing and smell senses kind of lack, but my eyes and taste work great!  What senses work best for you?! 🙂


2 thoughts on “LIFE IS WONDERFUL

  1. Love this. It’s so easy to get in a rut and complain all the time. I’m living it right now. :-/ thanks for the reminder.

    1. and it really becomes just as easy when you practice not taking life too seriously… I try and practice all the time… by writing, etc. We expect too much and don’t give enough! In my opinion anyway. 🙂 I just try and laugh at the things like paying 400 dollars of tow expenses… and life becomes a bit easier 😉

      stay well your getting married soon!!!!!!

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