I will be doing an updated post soon but wanted to end the night with a fun survey that Clare just posted!


Coke or Pepsi?

I don’t enjoy drinking regular soda. Like Clare, I have ALWAYS been a diet coke kind of girl!! So coke I suppose. :p

Lemonade or Fruit Punch?

If I had to choose between the two I would have to say Lemonade. However, I don’t drink “juices” very often. Although, I was most certainly a fan of the good old lemonade stands!!

Caramel Apple or Cotton Candy?

I would have to say Caramel Apple. Neither have been favorites since i’ve always been a chocolate lover. However a chewy caramel apple sounds more delightful then air sugar!

Butterfinger or Snickers?

I have always been a peanut butter reese girl.. I even plan on making it into a wedding cake somehow. LOL but if I had to choose between the two I would go for a snickers most likely!

Pudding and Jell-O?

There is one pudding I always enjoyed. It was a refrigerated chocolate/vanilla mixture one. I actually think the Jello brand people made it!

Turkey or Chicken?

I could always go for a chicken/turkey salad sandwich! However, I believe if I had to choose I would shoot for more a turkey moment then chicken.

American or Provolone Cheese?

Do not find myself a cheese fan however, I like provolone  if I am enjoying a sub!

Crackers or Cookies?

Depends on what I am eating but cookies over crackers any day!!

Pretzels or Chips?

I am going to have to go with pretzels. I have never been much of a chip person and I can easily get addicted to pretzels!!

Mexican food or Japanese food?

I love all different types of food. However, id have to go with japanese!!

Chinese food or Italian food?

Chinese all the way. Neither are ones I would randomly want to go out for. But I have never been an italian lover!

Pie or Cake?

Again, I love ice cream, brownies, and cookies much more! But I would most likely choose pie (pecan, strawberry rhubarb) over cake!

Ice cream or Cookies?

ICE CREAM all the way! But brownies/cookies over ice cream is even better!

Pasta or Pizza?

Pizza for sure, never been a pasta lover!

Soda or Juice?

Probably soda? I love the carbonated feeling once in a while. But like I said more of a diet fan then regular (which is just as unhealthy!)

Chocolate Bars or Chocolate Truffles?

Dark chocolate bars all the way!!!

Apples or Bananas?

Pink Lady Apples all the way!

Salad or Soup?

Salad.. never been a huge fan of soup!!

Cauliflower or Broccoli?

Both! I love cauliflower a little more though for sure!

Onion Rings or French Fries?

Ah… both are so yummy but probably onion rings!! Love onions!!

Blizzard or McFlurry?

Peanut butter reese blizzard for sure!!

Fried or Poached Eggs?

Poached!! Yum!!
Crepes or Pancakes?

Pancakes. I love both but chocolate chip pancakes can never be beat. Unless of course it’s chez vachon crepes from back home!!

Hashbrowns or Roasted Potatoes?

Hashbrowns, never been a fan of the roasted potatoes when out for breakfast!!

Oatmeal or Cereal?

Although I have become a fan of overnight oats and oatmeal in general, id have to say cereal!!

Do you have favorites or is hard for you to just pick one thing a lot? What are some of your favorites?!  

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