The TEXAS experience..

Love yourself so no one has to.

Fear, the devil of it all. But should we call it a devil if it makes us stronger?

Habits, how life works. Scary isn’t it?

Risks, what I love to do.

I love helping people. But did I ever think the one that needs help the most RIGHT NOW is myself?
Other people, love telling YOU what to do. It has happened all your life. Between friends, boyfriends, and parents. There has always been someone telling you what to do. But is this the cause of the choices you really never wanted to make in the first place which leads to unhappiness later?

Does anyone else love imperfection but strive SO HARD to be “perfect?” Contradicting huh? Well, it is what I do best I suppose.

I love the imperfection of life. I love understanding the different personalities out there. I love how the world thrives on imperfection. But then why do I love making myself miserable by striving for perfection? It doesn’t make sense.

It’s been really really hard.

All my life it seems like I was never able to think for myself. I am too wishy washy with my thoughts and emotions. I followed others instead of creating my own path. It’s just who I am .

But can I develop other thoughts and habits to start my own life? Yes we all can!

You really have to be careful about who you ask and what information you are looking for.  People are extremely different. We could be reaching for a similar goal as someone else, but do you ever wonder what their personality is like and how exactly they got there? The way they figured something out and how they went about it could be entirely different then what you need or are looking for. Confused? I thought so.

Think about weight loss. Someone who is lazy and not open minded will reach that goal entirely different then someone who isn’t lazy and is open minded. (INN thought)

See where I am coming from?

So why is it that in a world that holds r846589425802580320583740837 people we are we all striving for perfection and to be liked. Not everyone will like you, get along with you and their idea of “perfection” may be entirely different then yours.

Why can’t I wrap my head around this? Understand that I have been listening to others all my life. Now that I am across the country from where I grew up, I have no one to answer to. I should be celebrating this independence and freedom. But it’s so discomforting at the same time!!

About me:
I thrive on change
I get bored easily
I have an all or nothing mentality
I am always going (dislike laziness)
I can’t pay attention
I like adventures
I love thrill
I am emotional
I am a forgiver
I am reasonable
I am understanding
I tend to be pushy ( I have learnt to back off)
I like to be scared

Sometimes the “bad” has to happen in order to feel the “good.” Being honest with yourself and others is the key to life.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition thoughts:
There isn’t a one way track in life.
You have to stay positive and want to make a difference!
I met someone, here in Austin, Texas, at whole foods that was listening to her current module for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition!
I love this program. No matter what I will never regret enrolling! It’s teaching me even more about myself but also teaching me that dreams really do happen if you put the work into it! They told us to treat this program like medical school. Although I haven’t put as much time into it that I would like to, I can justify why. I just moved across the country for the first time leaving home and my head has been spinning! Both excitement and nerves.

I can honestly argue that facing your fears and pushing yourself even when it hurts and feels uncomfortable is the key to growing as a human.

What I have been enjoying lately:

Barton Springs!!

So the last few days have been “rough”..

I got in an accident….


….and got towed.

But how I truly feel is this:

Happy. Happy enough to dance around (which I haven’t EVER done..)





Because things like this remind me of something IMPORTANT.

Money and THINGS don’t buy my happiness.

Freedom, great people, good conversations, and myself make me happy. They make feel powerful.

No ONE can take my freedom or myself away. I am living in one of the greatest cities right now and no matter what happens… no one can take that away from me.

I have my freedom… and I have myself. So what if “bad” or unfortunate” things are happening to me.

You win some and you lose some. It’s a part of growing up.

Stuff like this REMINDS ME of what I truly want out of life and HOW I WILL ONE DAY GET THERE. While being happy the WHOLE way there. Because..remember.. YOU WILL NEVER GET THAT “WHOLE” feeling you are searching for.

BUT you can teach yourself to be happy in times like this! Make a habit of it for LIFE and nothing will ever disappoint or upset you! Of course there are occasions of sadness, etc.. however

KEEP ON FIGHTING BECAUSE we all have the POWER to be as strong as we would like to be!! 

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