Austin, Texas and Institute for Integrative Nutrition

It’s a new city, new state, new everything. So, how has the transition been considering that I have never left home before? 

You don’t here very often that a girl with many anxiety issues, eating disorder trouble, and overall a not so great “college experience” gets up, and moves across the country.

Well, it happened. It really happened. A few have called me crazy. A few have called me brave. But what I call it is taking control of my life. 🙂

Throughout the last year I have realized what “primary food” I have been in lack of.  I have always had a people person and in the last four years my distorted eating has increased tremendously and my socialization has suffered. Can you see the correlation?

In order to find out who I am and who I inspire to be I had to be honest with myself. What wasn’t making me happy and what was? Did I really care whether or not I was a size 0? Did I really care to have big muscles? What would truly make Lauren happy?

Well, it turned out in order for me to actually feel like myself again I needed a lot of human interaction and balance in my life.

With the last relationship and job I didn’t have any human interaction and it didn’t empower me to be all I could be.

My distorted eating had taken over again. Food and binging was covering up what I was lacking. (This is also something you learn about with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition program.) When ALL of your primary food isn’t being fulfilled.. something else will lack (binge moments.)

Health is HUGE and I always thought it was measured by how someone looked. We all think that at one point don’t we?  Well, it’s not like that for me (in my opinion.) Health is balance truthful with yourself. Taking care of yourself should matter to YOU because you want to feel good. Practicing HEALTHY habits in more areas then just food (friendships, loved ones, movement, morals, beliefs) is just AS important as what your eating.

I don’t want to be your ordinary health coach. I almost want to be a life coach. With the amount of struggle, determination, and negativity I have come across.. I can ASURE you I have what it takes to be successful.

The experience I have gained  from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition program, jobs I have worked at, self-help, family life, and background will help ensure my clients that it is possible.

I am slowly discovering what kind of “coach” I want to be!  I loooove new ideas, adventures, change, humans, food, etc.

Texas has been wonderful. It’s got me to be on my own, more independent, really discovering who I want to be and what I like.

Life is truly a gift. No matter where I am my family is there to support and guide me with love, happiness, and hope.

I couldn’t be anymore thankful for the family I was given. ❤ I am honestly blessed. When I think of that, my whole world is happy.

Life is what you make of it. Life is everything you want it to be. All you have to do is be honest with yourself and let your mind take over. Therefore, make sure your fueling your mind with the proper nutrients so you can think healthfully. ❤

Thanks for following! What have you been up to? Any new and exciting changes taking place in your life right now??

Shelby and I!

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