Graduation Day/Night!

I have a “high” feeling right now. My life has dramatically changed in the last year. With the changes, confidence, and “finding myself” I have become who I have always wanted to be.

My graduation was today and it was AMAZING. The entire last year has been amazing. With finishing up school, working with AMAZING individuals, and my families support.

My graduation party was done by my wonderful mother. She went ALL OUT. It was cowboy themed!! We had BEAUTIFUL weather!

Same with graduation today. My grandparents, parents and brother attended. It was BEAUTIFUL weather. Everything was perfect! I even had the cutest dress on!

I stayed at home the last four years. I learnt a lot about myself, my family and how much health has to do with life. It is life. How long you live and what your able to do/how happy you are depends on health. How balanced yourself is..IS CRUCIAL. BEING TRUE TO YOU IS ALSO CRUCIAL. I can not be more blessed to how such an important aspect of life be my future. I WILL do health in my future. I WILL HELP INDIVIDUALS FIND THIS BALANCE.

I as well as my dad depend on health to keep us going/feel good. However, HEALTH IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.

My past obstacles reflect a poor lifestyle. I need health to be healthy to thrive/feel good.

While working part time and attending school I didn’t have a lot of time for social. I NEED social to feel whole. I LOVE PEOPLE and I only perform at my best when I am around people.

I learnt that the hard way but I am okay with that. I learned what I like and who I am. I worked my ASS off to be where I am now. I feel blessed and DO NOT REGRET ANY OF IT. I am only able to do what I am now because of that.

I had the BEST conversation today with an old friend. This is what I live for- meaning, people, helping, serving, socializing, to FEEL MY BEST.

The conversation was about life- different people. Different personalities, how they people act- why they act the way they do. The whole outlook of life and how different people are make the world go ROUND. We NEED different people in our life. It’s HOW the world WORKS!!! Duh ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s amazing how people NEED different things in life to feel their best and work PROPERLY! It’s awesome and I know exactly who I am. I learning TO JUST BE ME AND DO WHAT I LOVE and I WILL BE HAPPY. I CHOOOOOSE TO BE HAPPY BASED ON WHAT I WANT OUT OF LIVE. I should only be making the CHOICES I WANT, surrounding myself by the people WHO LIFT ME UP, and forget the rest. I LOVE learning about different people and I AM 100% percent ACCEPT THAT. I LOVE MYSELF for who I AM RIGHT NOW and I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER. PEOPLE LOVE BEAUTIFUL THINGS. WHEN YOU ARE HEALTHY YOU LIGHT UP THE WORLD AROUND YOU. It’s just the way it is. YOUR HAPPY AND YOU ATTRACT happiness.

I love my family, I love the choices they make for themselves (same goes for everyone else) and I LOVE helping and learning about others. It makes me who I am and I am 100% percent satisfied with myself and everyone else!

I love DIFFERENT THINGS and coming up with new ways of going about life. I am the control and the experiments. I love adventures and I can’t WAIT for my future!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

I am so happy with today and my life. I want to eventually teach and talk with others about my struggles and who I am today. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT and NEEDS DIFFERENT THINGS IN LIFE to be happy. Learn about it! It will ONLY BENEFIT you. BELIEVE ME. Be happy!!

I feel so confident in myself that I AM STILL learning to accept my body the way it is. I need to break the habit of doing something just because others are. I love my body for what it does and how it’s built. I LOVE my long legs, tiny boobs, and string type arms. It’s just who I am and to build a better digestive system is what I want to continue to do!!

I want others to know it’s takes a lot of self discipline, self help, and determination to feel this way and I am still not there yet. But I forbid myself to letting my life be taken over by JUST HEALTH. I want to meet people, travel, take adventures and just be happy. I DO NOT want my life to continue being obsessive about just one thing. It has in the past but I love myself too much to let it continue that way. I love EVERY PART OF LIFE!

Visit myย siteย to see awesome videos for today! More to come!

Remember: To get well you need to know WHY you do certain things. You need to know what the WHOLE IDEA/PICTURE is and see what really DRAWS you to it. For me.. I love PLANNING, CREATING, and SOCIALIZING. It was never really about the food that made me “happy.” It’s the whole idea of feeling, serving, creating, doing something new that I loved. Find these true answers and you will realize you can FEEL whole and do all of what you love in a easier, healthier way! It’s SO easy once you get the hang of it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Graduation Day/Night!

  1. I feel like this is the sort of thing that runs through my head every single day. How do I learn to accept my body? How do I pave my own path? And that whole bit about all of us having different experiences and how necessary that is? Oh my gosh, yes. I almost wrote a post last week about the idea of being broken, and how we all are, after watching all these singing reality TV show auditions (and dancing, too – SYTYCD) and hearing these heartbreaking stories. There’s a huge comfort in knowing how we all break and we all heal and the way we bounce back is absolutely beautiful.

    1. It’s sooo true! We are all “broken” in some way or another. Some people have that “food” obsession and others having something entirely different. But what is the truth is how we ALL NEED something, someone and some meaning in our lives.

      AND there is a way for YOU to create that. Create your own love, happiness and reason. You are in control and no one is in charge of you. Not your mother, father or friends. YOU CAN do what it takes to feel whole every single day. Get em girl. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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