I have finished my six week journey with Bikram Yoga. It was GREAT but I am due for a break. 🙂

What it has taught me:
– I feel more in control of my life
– I feel like I gained patience
– I feel like I am a lot more focused (with tasks at hand, driving, etc)
– How I sit/posture
– Overall feeling about life and how FAST everyone makes it
– Slowing down
– I also met some AWESOME people! (I even got a CD from one of the instructors! He would sing at the end of class and I LOVED his singing)

I don’t know if this is a mix of cleaning out my body with a high raw veggie and fruit diet, or just yoga by itself.

But I do know that with hard control and discipline, my eating has felt a lot calmer then it has in the past. I NEVER tell myself I can’t have something. I just choose not to and have what I feel like having at the time.

I am practicing chewing my food a lot more, and taking my time while I eat. I am reconditioning myself and my thinking to know that I DO HAVE THE CONTROL in what I do, how I eat, how much I eat, and how quickly I eat. Whatever feels right I do.

I don’t know what happened. But the POWER OF A YEAR is incredible. Incredible that the control I feel about my life is like nothing I have ever felt before. What the power of NATURAL and HOLISTIC medication can do (for someone who needs it of course.) Not everyone needs a clean diet with exercise. They feel well without it. But it also doesn’t mean they are healthy. Health isn’t for everyone which is perfectly fine. However, good health can improve one’s life in many different areas besides their body (mind, skin, patience, anxiety) and the list goes on and on. It also can save a lot people the trouble or future problems (money, relationships, weight gain, anxiety, eating disorders) they may encounter throughout their lifetime.

Practicing good health and taking small steps doesn’t have to be hard. At times of frustration or worry that I am taking my health to an unhealthy obsession I remember that it doesn’t have to be this hard. It’s simple eat A LOT of the good stuff (fruits and veggies.) Be creative. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Write down how you feel after a meal. Eat slowly. Let your body fully digest. PRACTICE good habits. The rest will come along by itself (calm mind, patience, and your spirit.) I am not lying when I tell you that by doing this, I feel more powerful then I ever have before!

For as long as I can remember I have always been a day dreamer. My attention span was about a 0. I never was diagnosed with ADD or anything. However, I guarantee you I WAS NEVER PAYING ATTENTION to anything I was doing unless it involved having a conversation with someone. I was always a talker.. never a listener. I never felt the need to pay attention or focus.

Although I survived college, school was a struggle for that reason. I hated studying and taking tests. Up until now I never thought I would get myself to focus at the task on hand. I am still a day dreamer and always thinking about what I am not doing. However, I am slowly developing that “other side.”

Benefits of staying focused: You perform better at what your doing, you learn patience, and may have better results at what your doing. 

Benefits of day dreaming: You think of ideas that others may not think of, more creativity, and it’s a form of multi-tasking. 

These are just some of my opinions and I think it’s awesome if one can fully develop both. I realize how important it is to focus and how easy it is to get distracted.

Do you have a hard time focusing? What part of health is most important to you?

Graduation is in 3 days!!!


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