Trying something NEW

It’s true when they say that life is a game. If you look at the world around you, it’s constantly moving. It’s constantly like the game of Monopoly..

Will we soon see less and less nature? What will happen to us if that happens? We need nature.. we are animals aren’t we?

The lifestyles we are living right now isn’t capable with the way we are eating. It’s no wonder young girls develop eating disorders, we are depressed, we develop acne, and so on and so on. We aren’t getting our nutrients.

We are sitting for 8 hour + days and taking in garbage as fuel. It may work for some people and that is fine. But the majority of us need the help to learn and understand that it’s not good for our well being.

Some thoughts about the American way of eating:
Poor nutrition is widespread among the poor of most nations, and starvation and infectious diseases are persistent problems. Currently, the major causes of death in the United States and most other industrial nations have been heart disease, cancer, and stroke. The American diet is believed to contribute significantly to these diseases.

The American diet has also been tied along with the increased cancer rate.

This doesn’t even get into the eating disorder/depression problems we are having.

The americans living and eating in the U.S represent our country as a whole. Alhough Americans are showing some concern about diet and exercise to reduce their chances of contracting heart disease and cancer the percentage of over-weight people in the United States has not been reduced over the past twenty years.

My mind was very clear yesterday and I was thinking very positive thoughts. I could even change the way I was thinking when I needed to. Positive flowing thoughts through your head is 100% needed. When you think negatively, you feel negative.

My day included work, yoga, a long walk, and PLENTY of fruits/veggies. I felt great.

I was thinking about how many different diets/lifestyles there are right now and how much controversy there is between them. But I have gotten to the point to take in what I have learnt and experiemnted with and do what makes sense to me and makes me feel good. It’s not about what I want my body to look like. There are plenty of skinny unhealthy people. There is also plenty of fit unhealthy people out there. You can look at someone and think they are in shape and healthy. But you can’t read how they are feeling inside now can you? Although I think it’s important to get regular exercise, I have been more concerned with my health as a whole then how many calories I am burning. Diet, lifestyle, and habits are all health related and I have felt more concerned with getting this on track. Do this mean I will never eat a piece of chocolate again? No.. it’s how you are fueling your body on a regular basis that matters most.

Unfortunately, it has been brought to my attention that life can end instantly for anyone. These tragic events happen every single day. We forgot that people leave this world every single second of every single day. However, life also begins for another just as often. We have to love ourselves today. We have to start something new today. Why put ourselves in worry, stress, and unhappiness when instead we can choose to be happy this second.

Start today, make a list of all the wonderful things in your life.

I have greatly noticed that inspiring conversations and life changers has happened to me when I try something new. When I met new people, discovered a new way of exercise, or a new blog. Something great has always come out of it. I learnt something new or I discovered something new about myself. When you are on the same road, day after day, doing the same old thing.. nothing changes.

I challenge each and everyone of you to change something new. Try something new. Meet someone new. You will be surprised how a simple conversation with a new person could change your life for the better.

It may be uncomfortable or scary at first, but fear is only temporary! In the end, All the jobs, and experiences in my life have never really been about what you think they are about at first.

I think one of the most important things to constantly repeat in your head is to “stay true to being you.” It’s true that I haven’t always been “myself” because of fear. But you end up losing out on a wonderful life of being yourself in the end. Don’t let others obsessions or thoughts become your own. Don’t let others personality and views influence your own habits and behaviors. We are all different and have different needs. Learn from them but don’t try and be them! Trust your heart. ❤ If something doesn’t feel right for you, don’t do it. Do what your heart is telling you to do! 🙂  It’s so true when you dislike something about someone it’s a reflection of yourself. You have to learn from others mistakes or flaws and teach yourself how to be a better version of you. Appreciate how one person’s strengths could be your weaknesses. But your strengths could be someone’s weaknesses. We all fit together like a puzzle. :p

I started listening to some INN modules. I already learning and loving it! What is something you have been doing that you are loving lately?

Things to remember:
My passion doesn’t mean it will be your passion, and that’s ok.
Life is a game. Play it the way you want, and create your own world. Experience as much as you can!

6 thoughts on “Trying something NEW

    1. It doesn’t seem like a problem to most Americans because they believe what they hear. You almost can’t blame them… they just need someone to teach them the correct ways!!

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