Weekend Recap

What a relaxing weekend I had! How was yours?? Can you believe I start the Institute for Integrative Nutrition program in about 21 days?!

Crazy how time flies… Life really doesn’t stop for us…

 To recap my weekend for you.. this is what it looked like. 🙂 

I tried making RAW nut bars..

However, not having a dehydrator made it a little difficult. I tried just using a small oven and leaving the door open instead of using a dehydrator. But it wasn’t the same and I ended up just throwing it out. :/

Despite the fact that I failed making something yesterday… Today I decided to make RAW chocolate. I have been wanting to for a while now! By taking a look at Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipe..I realized I had just about all the ingredients!

They ended up coming out great!! I will post a recipe soon. 🙂 😉 In the mean time… you can experiment on your own. SO MUCH CHEAPER then buying dark chocolate bars!!

What the rest of my weekend included was some amazing salad making. About 3 to be exact. 😉 

They were all delicious. I experimented with some homemade dressing concoctions. A personal favorite was just some garlic, balsamic, a little oil, lime juice and a dash of oregano. I also decided to buy some parsley to add in my salads and smoothies. It’s a little different (but a good different.;) )

I ended my weekend with a salad, some RAW CHOCOLATE that I made, some tea, and an old fashioned card game with my mama!!

A black and white picture for a favorite old fashion card game. 😉

It’s Monday again tomorrow. One more week of classes, then finals, and then I graduate.. can you believe it?! It was just yesterday that I graduated from high school…

(My best friend and I at our high school graduation!!)

That’s why I can’t tell you enough to reach for your dreams because life doesn’t wait around for you!

Some thoughts for you to think upon (that I have been practicing myself..)::
– Practice being in the moment
– Switch a bad habit for a good one
– Not everyone wants the same dream as you, do what your heart is telling you what to do
– What you think you know may be different then what you don’t know
– Trust yourself and become confident in the decisions you are making

Treat your life like a picture. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It can be anything you want it to be. It can have rips, jagged lines, and erase marks. Most importantly, it will have your own touch. You draw or paint the picture. The only rules are the ones you create. It can be as unique as you want it to be. Do what works for you. <Me>

Once you start making your life the way you want to look…. It becomes a lot happier, more relaxing, and most of all like a dream. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

    1. I’ll be sure to share everything worth telling about! How is the big old city treating you on this rainy Monday?! 🙂

      How did your cleanse go? I wish the green juices weren’t so much money.. I am dying to try them!

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