Dreams <3

Has anyone seen the movie “The Cinderella Story” with Hilary Duff?

It’s one of my favorite movies! I have always been a fan of Hilary Duff. I LOVED the show “Lizzie McGuire!” But I also loved the character she played in this movie. I could always relate to her. A hard working student. An average looking girl with a “different” kind of style (I love hats and she is always wearing one!) Just a girl chasing her dreams..! I believe in achieving dreams. We all have them. Four years ago I wouldn’t have said that though..

I have grown up these past four years. I have become confident in who I am, yet I am still learning.

My OCD, anxiety, and distorted eating was out of control. However, I can’t say enough that getting the correct help, eating well, educating yourself, meditation, and practicing good habits can save your life! It saved mine.

I have dreams. I want to someday help young women reach their own dreams, no matter how big or small their dreams are. I have battled and fought all my life and it hasn’t in anyway been easy. But I seem to never give up because I know things happen when you tell yourself THEY CAN. How else do you think the world works? People push, suffer, and eventually understand that you have to listen to your own heart instead of being someone your not.

The end of the movie is my favorite. Even before their romantic kiss. 😉


Does everyone remember this scene?? It’s the best scene ever! If only we could all go back and tell someone off that may have needed it. 😉 I am sure we all have held back and not said something when we knew we should have because we cared too much of what the other person may think of us.

We are all good and bad in our own ways. We have to remember that. In order for us to grow we have to learn who we are, what we like and what our weaknesses are. WE ALL have weaknesses. How we learn, what we feel, what we like, and what our passions are is what makes us all unique. My aunt said something very inspiring the other night.

Men and women think entirely different. I will not ask a guy or even another human to understand or think like I do. In exchange I ask you to not ask me to think just like you do. ❤

Wouldn’t it be great if the whole world worked like this? It would probably be less chaotic all the time! But in reality not everyone will understand or even try to. Therefore, you avoid these people. 😉 Just kidding! (Kind of.)

All I ask is that you never let a guy or anyone for that matter stand in your way of achieving your dreams. No matter how crazy your dreams may sound. If you have enough confidence in yourself you can do it. You have a wonderful community supporting you, so go! Chase those dreams of yours. 🙂

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