the mind & yoga

I have always been one to think too much about the future and never stay in the current moment. Like today for instance. I am graduating in less than a month and all I can think about is “what if” my work, classes, etc don’t go as planned. The stress is playing a huge factor in the rest of my life! :/

However, I know that I can’t change the future and what I do today is most important. What is helping me everyday to think positive and stay in the moment?

What I can tell you is that bikram yoga has done a lot for me besides just making me sweat buckets. It has helped my mind tremendously! The constant practice of breathing, keeping still, and focusing second by second is rubbing off on me in my “real” life. It’s incredible! I highly suggest taking some classes if you need practice and help in this area of life as well.

I love it and paid for a month package so it’s been my staple “exercise” wise. However I did try out a spin class on Friday for the first time! There was only three of us including the instructor.. so I didn’t get the full effect. However, it was awesome because it was my first class and it was almost like a 1 on 1! Perfect for an intro. It wasn’t anything I would trade bikram yoga for right now but it was something new! 🙂 The reason why I have been sticking to yoga so much is because it’s helping me in more areas of life which is needed right now. The thought of the gym and running makes me cringe and think back to bad thoughts about my “distorted eating.” All I ever wanted to do was release calories from my body. Which isn’t a good thing. Calories are important and should be consumed if they are the right ones. I don’t want to repeat what I “thought” before. Yoga is teaching me balance, focus, and helping me to gain strength. It’s perfect for right now and I want to go everyday instead of feeling the need to go.

It’s scary how you can convince your mind to believe absolutely anything you want it to.  It’s true! I actually feel like I am challenging myself in a positive way while practicing yoga and it feels good. I am challenging myself to stay in the moment. I am challenging myself to gain strength. I am challenging myself to do something different. I am challenging myself when I want to. Do you know how amazing it feels to see improvement when in the past all you were doing was draining yourself and passing time on a stupid gym machine? The feeling is incredible.


What is something new you have tried recently? What keeps your mind from doing a draining work out to one that actually benefits you?  Is there one specific work out you would do everyday because you love it so much? 

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