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What would happen if you were the only one in this world? What would happen if you were the only one that existed? Would you have anxiety about what other people thought of you? Would you strive so hard for a word known as *perfection*? Would you be so hard on yourself if you had no one to compare to?

In my mind, I don’t think you would. You would look at yourself and be happy with what you see. You would be happy to just exist. You would be happy because the only thing you know, IS HOW to be you. This goes beyond being satisfied with your body. It also has to do with your personality and overall make up of what makes you.. YOU.

Our world is constantly comparing themselves with each other. Whether it’s your job, salary, car, friends, lover, body, sports, and how many children your going to have. It’s what we talk about.. it’s life.

As soon as you meet with an old friend or a family member you immediately ask how they are doing and what they have been up to. As soon as they answer you immediately compare their answer with how you are doing and what you have been up to.. am I right?! The world is a game. 

Is there anyway that you don’t have to feel this way or constantly compare yourself with someone else..? Is there a way out? Can you just compare yourself with yourself? I think we found an answer!

Look at the world. Look at what’s going on… TODAY.

SO MUCH right? Annoyingly, it’s only becoming harder. With all the stress and pressure we have on ourselves it’s hard work. Adding in the PRESSURE to be *perfect* no wonder why we are all crazy. But it really really doesn’t have to be does it? Believe me.. relaxing is one of the hardest things I have had to practice this past year. Thankfully I had the time to do so with my job being right at my school. It was a love-hate relationship that’s for sure.

With the privilege of relaxing we also should be giving ourselves the privilege of comparing ourselves to ourselves. Seeing how there is only one of us right? We don’t compare a banana to an apple do we? We only compare apples to apples. So.. I should only be comparing a Lauren Marie Paradis to a Lauren Marie Paradis. 😉 Same goes for you! :p

Believe me, it’s harder then it sounds. Every time you click on someone else’s facebook or blog.. there goes it goes “comparison.” But if we practice only comparing ourselves to ourselves then it can only get easier. Our job in this world should only be to enjoy and set goals for ourselves. Think about it.. the world is constantly changing and so are we. Look back four years ago, did you think the same way you do now?! I bet you didn’t. I have spent the last four years in college.. I am in no way the same person as I was four years ago. So we shouldn’t have to repeat the same bad behavior, same bad thoughts, etc. We should be able to have the freedom to choose what we think, say, etc.

We are constantly changing. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the same things as we use to or have the same passions. But it does mean we can give ourselves a break once in a while and realize the goal of *perfection* will never be reached! You will NEVER feel 100% whole with who you are or what you look like.

Because we are STILL..

learning…  ❤

Do you really think your best friend, the guy at the bar, or your mother really care whether or not you have a six pack or a “rockin hot body.” No.. it’s all internal. YOU care because you are COMPARING yourself to your best friend, the guy at the bar, or your mother. If you begin to not look at the person on the internet or others around you.. and only look at yourself there is no need to kill yourself at the gym every single day or feel guilty because you ate a brownie. Just become passionate about something and stick to it because YOU CARE about yourself not because you want to be *perfect.*  That’s the only way to really break free. Break free because you want to feel better.. FEEL better.

It’s been a long journey. It’s been a long journey of learning, finding answers and trying to come up why 65% of women develop distorted eating in their lives. Is my journey over? Hell no. No one’s is. We are still learning remember?

Always remember:

  • It’s the idea or cycle that you are in that you enjoy. You enjoy losing weight. You enjoy coming up with a new idea. You enjoy the constant battle with yourself. Once you reach that goal weight or certain “whole” feeling.. what’s left? You are done reaching that point. So then ask yourself? Do you honestly feel better now? ..
  • You wont feel any better afterwards.
  • Everyone is human and looking for answers.
  • Everyone is comparing themselves. Why don’t you choose not to! 🙂

If YOU become the person with a lot of confidence of who you are, what you want, and who you want to be.. there is absolutely no room for discomfort, anxiety, worry or low self esteem. All ANYONE has to do is CHOOSE to be that person. We ALL have that choice don’t we?! Think internally.

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