Try being in my *brain*.. Everyone is different. Everyone needs something different to feel “nourished.”


I love this picture. It really pin points that humans in this world are very different. Which side best describes you?

What best describes my cute, big, silly brain? The right side. :p 

However, it’s very important to develop the other side. Learn what your “missing” but never leave your neutral side.. it makes you who you are. 🙂

If you aren’t being nourished correctly.. you don’t feel right.. feel whole. Wouldn’t you agree??


If you aren’t being nourished right… you feel alone, useless, and unhappy.

In this crazy, mixed up world people have different “needs.” Some people need to feel powerful. Some people  may need to be around a lot of people. Some may need to see “beauty.” Some people may need strong, crazy love. Some people may need to feel in control or even feel controlled themselves. Some people need to help others to feel “nourished” or “whole.” We are all so different! We were all put on this earth for different reasons and responsibilities!

What does your “inner self” need to thrive in life?!

What do you want? 

If you go about your life in the wrong career, wrong relationship, or just the wrong role in general.. you aren’t letting your inner self shine. You aren’t showing the world what you got! You need to feed your soul, show the world your inner self and succeed at it! Trust me I know it’s hard. I am still working on it myself. But I hope to one day show the world what I got and help others achieve this too! We all deserve the chance to be exactly who we want to be. Wouldn’t you agree?! 

How else would this world go “round” and “round?” If we were all the same, this world would be boring!

Does this make you think twice now when discriminating or making fun of someone? Not that anyone us would right?! 😉

You have to make room for love.

You have to understand that you can’t feel someone else. You can’t understand what goes on in there head. You don’t know their past chapters.

Surround yourself with what YOU NEED and surround yourself with love. There are millions and trillions of people in this world and it’s just getting crazier and crazier. Stick to your inner voice and stay strong.

What is the most powerful in life?

HUMANS. We have the power to learn, eat, speak, dress the way we want. We have the power of CHOICE.

We all learn, observe, and speak what we have been taught or what we have learnt. Right?

Well what if I told you.. that you have the control. You as a human being have the control and choice to be or do anything you want.

How are you suppose to know who you are? How are you suppose to know what to do or become?

Are your parents making the decision for you? Are you doing something out of peer pressure? Are you doing something and not sure why you are doing it? Does your mind take over sometimes?

It’s all really hard to say isn’t it? The choices you make may be because of habit or uncontrollable feelings. But I am telling you now.. that YOU DO HAVE CONTROL. YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE.

We ALL do.


Sometimes it’s harder for others to understand that.

Sometimes it takes us a little while to gain that control and gain that confidence. But it is possible.

How are you suppose to know something if you don’t experiment or try it yourself? We as humans are constantly evolving and growing. We are learning something new each and everyday.

I highly suggest experimenting for yourself or you really wont know what it is really like. I highly suggest reflecting and reviewing your thoughts and reasons behind them. Staying true to yourself is important.

How do you know what “staying true to yourself” means? Trust your inner self. Reflect on your emotions and feelings. If it feels right do it. If it doesn’t feel right DON’T do it. You will know deep down what does or doesn’t “feel” right

Just do the right thing, you will be glad you did.


and remember…. we all can’t be perfect we can just be “ourselves..” 😉

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