Going IN withOUT FEAR/ FitFluential Ambassador

Is it really April? Is this really my fourth month having this blog?! Wow!

I am glad to announce that April is welcoming me with the acceptance of being a FitFluential ambassador! I got this message today:

I am very pleased and excited to be joining their team. I hope you check our their website when my bio is visible. 🙂 Don’t be afraid to contact them if your interested in becoming a FitFluential ambassador as well!

You are probably wondering why I titled this post “Going IN withOUT Fear” as well as FitFluential Ambassador. Well it seems that everyday I learn something new OR have a obnoxious thought that I can’t wait to share with all of you.

Well, today I had a presentation in one of my classes on the movie Good Will Hunting and Change. I have watched the movie before AND I love the topic “Change.” It such a broad and interesting topic! What I am getting at is that I didn’t run through the presentation with my group because of time and how we all don’t live on campus. We all discussed different parts of the movie anyway. The point is.. is that I went in WITHOUT FEAR. I knew what I wanted to speak about and I knew the movie and topic well enough. Usually if I go into the presentation thinking I am going to mess up or not remember what I want to say then I stutter, forgot a line or two, or completely stand there in silence. But instead.. I went in with confidence and a warm heart for what I wanted to say.

I think that if you approach life WITHOUT FEAR or an illness WITHOUT FEAR then it turns out you surprise yourself. You turn out with progress and you actually learn something new about who you are and how you approach life. You learn that NOTHING or NO ONE can hurt you. You learn that being perfect doesn’t exist but PROGRESS does. You learn to ask yourself this question over and over again “what is the worst that can happen?”

I can’t express or say often enough.. that if you repeat old habits over and over again and expect a new outcome.. it  will get you no where. But trying new things and actually experimenting on your own instead of just reading and believing everything you see.. YOU CAN ACTUALLY HAVE FUN and get YOUR OWN ANSWERS! How else do you think others find out answers or get their information? You gotta try out new things for yourself.. I have!! 🙂 Again, if you think doing something over and over again and getting the a different answer is going to eventually work, then I say to you now…it wont.


There are times I wish things were easier. There are times where I question my life, my passions, and who I am. There are times I ask myself is this all worth it.

But then I look at a picture like this:

Me after yoga today!!

I remember that balance is an important part of life.

If I don’t get a chance to move my body and work my endorphins somehow I know that my day hasn’t been complete. So I MAKE SURE I get that time in at some point. What better way then Bikram Yoga right?! It was a fantastic class and I have been enjoying it so much! I really wish it wasn’t so expensive! As you can see my make up was all runny.. hehe…

What my eating has looked like and when I feel at my best:  

Having a combination of veggies, healthy fats and protein keeps me most satisfied:
Having a yummy smoothie in the morning is always a delight to wake up to. 😉
A salad for lunch has been a staple!
I either crave a salad or smoothie for dinner. (Tonight I made a coleslaw salad with salmon!!)
1-3 oz of dark chocolate after dinner completes my day. ❤ 

Juicer (Currently reading The Raw Food Detox Diet and there are so many yummy recipes to juice!
Dehydrator (to make sun dried tomatoes of course! 😉
Achieve powder 😉 Since Clare from Fitting It All In makes it look so delicious every day 😉

Also if anyone wants to know a little something about the Paleo Diet head on over to Sara’s awesome blog Nourish and Flourish! She talks about how she has been feeling and what she is learnt so far about it! 

My advice for this MONDAY:
Calm your mind.
Have a routine of some sort.
Switch up your exercise routine if needed.
Always “allow” yourself everything and never “forbid” yourself from anything. Sometimes saying you CAN’T have something only makes you want it more.

So what about you guys? What has your routine looked like? What have you been doing for exercise? What time of day have you been exercising. Do you get a little shaky on weekends when their is no routine?! 

3 thoughts on “Going IN withOUT FEAR/ FitFluential Ambassador

  1. Congrats on becoming a FitFluential Ambassador! I joined “the team” about a month ago, but I still need to write my bio for the website. Whoops! 😉

    I really enjoy reading your posts, Lauren! You’re so insightful, and have a knack for addressing topics that really hit home with me. Trying new things and stepping outside your comfort zone is crucial to change! Nobody else is going to do it for us; we have to make it happen OURSELVES! Scary at times, but so empowering, isn’t it? 😀 And I completely agree that “allowing yourself *everything* and not forbidding yourself from *anything* is the best approach in life. Let’s celebrate what we love and ENJOY it!

    xoxo ❤

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