When Food Is Love

Hello everyone! I hope everyone’s weekend is going great! 

For some reason weekend’s aren’t my favorite. I have always been “different.” I am not your typical 22 year old like I mentioned before. But again, I am ok with that!

Working on my mind, body and spirit is more important to me.

This weekend I have been reading When Food Is Love by Geneen Roth. All of what she has to say is inpirtational and the truth behind a lot of what I try and hide.

The biggest thing I continue and continue to take away from this read is that my personality has a lot to do with my compulsive style. I have enjoyed drama, I have enjoyed getting “thin” in the past, and I have enjoyed the thoughts of always having a plan of what I am going to eat. It’s the eating there part that keeps me going.

It takes time. Everything does. Never feel like you aren’t accomplishing something. Because you are!

The other part that Geneen constantly mentions is how the past reflect the “now,” She continues to speak that our past is what we are trying to fill with food. The separation anxiety, the suffering my dad went through, the constant obsess with money. All of these thoughts and triggers is the battle with food. I am using food as the control I have with my life. I am trying to fill my life with something that doesn’t talk back, that I control 100%.

“We reinforce the belief that the only way we can have what we want is to give it to ourselves that unless we are in control of our nourishment we will go hungry.” –  Geneen Roth

I graduate in four weeks. Four weeks I say! I have commuted to school all four years. I stayed at home because of a past relationship and separation anxiety issues. Big mistake?! I don’t think so. I learnt a lot about myself, saved money, and was able to work. Do I suggest making a decision based upon fear and mental abuse from a boyfriend? Hell no! 😉

You can learn a lot about yourself when you take time for yourself. Makes sense huh? I never did. I never stood still. I never stopped working because of a bad relationship with money. I had/have a fear of spending money. I guess it could be helpful in some circumstances but then again, it can be harmful to others in your life. You have to hurt, be uncomfortable, try new things in order to grow. You have to remind yourself that you are perfect at this very second in time, YOU and only YOU is the only person that can HURT YOU or be CRITICAL. No one else! You the choice so why be critical.. why hurt yourself?!

YOU CAN try new things. Repeating your old ways that get you no where wont help!
YOU CAN reach your dreams. 🙂

BEING HONEST with yourself is one of the hardest things for humans to do. But you know what? It’s worth it in the end.

FEARS/ANXIETIES  I am currently working on:
Anxiety of spending money
A past ED
Separation anxiety

But you know what? In the last year I have faced my fears, reached some goals, and learnt a lot about my body mind and spirit and I am going to help you too. 🙂

I am only 22 and I still have a lot to learn! But I can honestly tell you that food, body and mind will always be with me. I want to say that in life I helped MYSELF along with others to feel GREAT about themselves and their life naturally.

Go ahead! Be honest with yourself and say I want to live a better life!

4 thoughts on “When Food Is Love

  1. love this post! i feel the same way about living at home during college…i lived on campus for three years and the first semester this year…after something happened i realized that to be a better version of myself, living at home was my best option! People always say “thats not how your senior year is supposed to be!” but…you know what? Apparently it is, because here I am! haha…sometimes i feel like i’m missing out but a lot of the time i know I made the best decision for me, and that’s whats most important 🙂

    great post, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you thank you thank you!

      I honestly wouldn’t go back and change it. I learnt so much about myself, what I want my life to be like, my passions, and my interests. I didn’t get that pressure to be like everyone else. I would have just blended in and did what everyone else was doing. Now I am STRONG, INDEPENDENT, I KNOW EXACTLY WHO I AM and I am ready to go out in the world and be a leader!

      I loved how it all happened and I love having a sense of who I am and what I love. ❤

      Good luck with school and stay true to you!!! Don't let others or the world stop you from reaching your goals. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. This is such an inspirational post, Lauren! LOVE it. Your passion for perseverance is truly motivating! Staying within the lines of our comfort zones may feel good in the moment, but it does nothing to help us reach our goals and dreams. ❤

    I'd love to read When Food Is Love. It sounds like Geneen Roth provides a lot of insight into our emotional bonds with food–a topic I'm really interested in!

    Hope you had a great weekend! And congrats on almost being done with school! That's a huge accomplishment! xoxo

    1. Thank you Sara!! I really recommend the book. Such a quick, easy read with MANY inspirational and helpful quotes. ❤ I can't wait to add more and more of her books to my collection throughout time!

      I did have a pretty good weekend and I hope you did as well. 🙂 Good luck with the rest of school. ❤


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