Things Thursday!

Things for Thursday!

Hey guys can you see me glow!?  

This is a things I have been doing Thursday post!

Things I have been eating:

Morning smoothie:
2 Cups of Greens (Kale, Spinach, or whatever you would like!) 
1 Cup of Almond Milk
1/2 Cup of Water
1 Tablespoon of Chia Seeds
Scoop of Almond Butter

Sprinkle of Cocoa Powder
1/2 Frozen Banana
5 Ice Cubes

Perfect amount every time. 😉

So delicious and I didn’t even need stevia today. 😉  

3 hours later.. (Fruit)

1 hour later- lunch:
Salad with sun dried tomatoes and olive oil.
Raw bar or almonds and goji berries.

3 hours later.. (Some carrots)

Salad with goat cheese or almonds or avocado (or another smoothie..)

Dark Chocolate

This just gives the idea of what my day has been looking like. I don’t strictly go by this every time 🙂

Things I have been doing:

You know working/school…. 4 more weeks!!!

Making lists of course. 😉

And switching off between lifting/running at the gym with my brother and bikram yoga! 🙂

I guess you could REALLY say I am NOT your typical college student, and I am okay with that. 🙂 🙂

Things I have been using:
Coconut oil as lotion.
Baking soda and APC as shampoo/conditioner.

Things to buy:
New Eco-friendly water bottle
Any suggestions? 

Things that have changed?!
My black heads seem to be disappearing!
I seem to be able to “concentrate” a lot better.
My digestion system seems 84548 times better! I am a lot more frequent if you must know. 😉
I am eating much much slower and feel 457489 more relaxed.
My stomach feels a lot less plump? lol

Tell me this I have MORE energy, been way HAPPIER, and my stomach DOESN’T feel like a ballon all while experimenting with a mostly raw diet. I am not RAW foodie but the way I feel so far makes me want to research more and more. All I am trying to do is cleanse my body and never ever have another binging episode again and so far so good! 🙂


So far I don’t feel the need to count calories or concentrate on burning calories all I want to do is challenge and push myself more and more each day. Weird for a past girl with an eating disorder who would obsess about calories and obsess about going on a STUPID machine for 70 minutes? Now I all I want to do is rub coconut oil all over my skin and a bike for hours on end!  Weeee!!

I know we all have gone through “foodie phases.” I mean, who hasn’t. But do you remember the feeling you use to get when you were a kid. We were young enough not to care what time dinner was. Or what the heck you were putting into your body because all you cared about was how much longer you could play outside with the cute boys. All you cared about was playing. Well, it’s different now because I DO CARE about what I am putting into my body. But this week I am switching my way of thinking. All I care about is “playing.” Playing with nutrition! I will no longer obsess about my body or when I am going to eat. Sure, a little bit of anxiety is still there. It’s only been a week. But I feel SO IN CONTROL like I said before. I feel free to eat something if I want it but I am choosing not to. Based on how I feel inside. It’s so powerful. I am even more thrilled that THIS is going to be the rest of my life. Finding new ways of becoming healthier, cleaner, and freer. No longer being such a pack rat and WANTING more all the time. I want less! I want to give away things away I don’t need. (Think this way with food.) You want to give it what it NEEDS and stop giving it things it can RUN on. Most of all I want TIME to do all the things I enjoy doing. If you honestly don’t make time to think in life you get so caught up in “bad habits” like my ED or OCD. Bad habits are dangerous and can completely take over your life. I challenge you to begin GOOD habits because I can tell you right now THEY ARE JUST AS CONTAGIOUS. 🙂 Condition and free your body. Train it to do the right thing. 🙂 

Don’t you get it? Were animals and the way we are fueling our bodies isn’t right. It’s like letting your car sit in your garage for days while stuffing it store bought macaroni and cheese. Hello? Is it going to feel good on the inside or run properly?! :p 

8 thoughts on “Things Thursday!

  1. It sounds like you’re feeling awesome–I love it! I use coconut oil as lotion, too. My skin is so soft when I do! Tell me about how you use baking soda and apple cider vinegar for your hair… I want to try it, but I’m not sure how!

    1. Well… the measurement is about 1 tablespoon and 1 cup of water for the “shampoo.” What I find works best is to take a good scoop of baking soda and mash it in your hands with some water so it resembles shampoo. I scrub it into my hair and repeat this a few times. My hair is on the thinner side so I use a little more then 1 tablespoon. When I am out of the shower and it seems to be on the drier side I will spray a little bit of ACV into my hair and rinse it.. I don’t usually use ACV too often!! I will usually only “wash” it a few times a week! Even if I sweat. Rinsing it with water every night is enough! It took a little while for my hair to get use to it but now it looks sooo smooth and saves so much money!!

  2. tell me more about this shampoo creation. i bought a “natural” one from whole foods and i think it’s crap.

    1. LOL look at the comment I just left Carley.. it took a little while for my hair to look healthy. At first I had to wash it with the mixture everyday for it to not look so oily but after a few months of being consistent… I LOVE IT. SUNSHEL is where I got the idea..

  3. Nothing makes you glow like tons of veggies! I need to up my intake!! I wanted to let you know that I’ve given you a Liebster Award! You can head on over to my blog to see what it’s all about. 🙂

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