Hey everyone!

How is your week going? Mine has been stressful. It’s the first week back from spring break and has been on the busier side. Working part and juggling 5 classes hasn’t been ideal but it has been manageable! 🙂

I have been making healthy choices for a long time now and finally feel like my holiday bloat is gone. 😉 I have days where I am constantly hungry and days where I don’t feel hungry at all. But we all get that don’t we?! 😉

Today’s eating looked a lot like yesterday’s did. However, I woke up a little later then expected and had to switch around a few things. My gym session didn’t got as well as I hoped since I felt so weak. :/ I must increase my eating but I tend to feel guilty when I eat when I actually don’t feel “hungry.” But obviously my body is telling me something. Do you ever have this problem?!

I had a shake early morning. Veggies and tuna mid afternoon. 4 protein bars before the gym. A shake mixed with banana after the gym. I just finished dinner with my friend, we had sushi are you surprised?! :p She really wanted it and to pass up sushi would be silly now wouldn’t it?!  :p It was delicious as usual! 🙂 I did not go overboard on it so I had some cashews when I got home and felt a lot more satisfied. 🙂 I am not sure what my evening snack looks like yet but I am sure i’ll have something before bed! 🙂

Thank goodness it’s Wednesday! My anxiety is a lot better then it was earlier in the week. I hate when it feels uncontrollable. However, I know that I treat my body well and it’s a lot better then it would be if I didn’t keep my body healthy. 🙂

I work tomorrow then have two classes. :/ Then it’s gym and hopefully a relaxing night! The weekend needs to be here now! 😉

Is anyone doing anything exciting for St. Patty’s Day!? Do share your plans!!

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