Hello all.. It was a typical Monday after Spring Break in my book. No fun, long, and stressful. Therefore, my eating was nothing like it should be. My work out was also not 100%. But you know what? It’s over, I did it and I can look ahead to what I want the rest of the week to look like. Full of protein, happiness and calm nerves. 🙂

Days like today remind me that not everyday will be a raise of sunshine. However, there was a lot of sunshine outside! 😉 Life is full of obstacles, struggles and discomfort. Only the ones who fight, learn to sit with discomfort, and educate themselves will feel happy the majority of the time. We can’t look to be happy all the time but we can look to be healthy A LOT OF THE TIME. It’s our choice and we all have the choice of whether or not we want to be healthy. As I said earlier today, “Health is the most important thing. Without it, we are robots running on garbage!” I made that quote up today and I have to say, I like it! 🙂

I unfortunately felt very, very anxious today. I think it was the stress. I have two months left of classes and I have absolutely no motivation. I know I just have to focus, stay strong and know that it’s all going to be worth it! On the bright side.. my friend asked for my help today to get her on the right track to health. I am very excited to help her and told her I would like to get together and discuss my observations and views on health and find out what her goals are. I told her I was no nutritionist but actually was looking to take the next step and potentially have the health field as part of future, so this was perfect! It would give me an outlook on what was in store for me!

I am not perfect nor will I ever be. I don’t have the perfect diet or perfect exercise routine and it will take a lifetime for me to figure everything out. But researching, learning and experimenting in the health field is what I have a passion for. I love trying out new ways of eating and figuring out what works best for me. I believe that if I put this passion to use, then I could make my future something to be proud of and bring me happiness!

What is your favorite part of blogging and experimenting with health? What is the best and most important thing you have learnt so far?

3 thoughts on “Monday!

  1. Your robot quote is so true. I know we can think of food as fuel (for activity) but it’s actually fuel for all of our little organs/machinery. I’ve been reading more stuff about HOW specific healthy foods benefit our bodies and it’s put a totally different perspective on things. Total motivation to eat as many veggies and fresh things as possible!

    1. I agree. The more and more I think about how “food” is what keeps us going and helps us to think properly.. the more healthy I want to get and the less crap I want to eat (for me!!) not just to be “thin.” I can’t thank blogs, research and myself enough for just educating myself. Educating myself is what saved me from the horrible patterns I put myself through. Why would I want to feed myself products that wont do a thing to make me feel better?! :p

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