Your fine and have to be true to yourself. Don’t let what happened last time make you crazy. You have your own life.. your own principles and you are slowly finding out who you are and what you love.

You know what happened. It wasn’t a steaming night of cheating. You are fine and can move on. 🙂 Look at the kind of women you have become. You moved on after the fact and you can move on now. 

Be the strong empowering women you know you are. You can do it. Be strong, creative, ambiguous and stubborn. Fight for what you want and don’t let others stand in your way. You can do it! Stay what you want to say and do what what you think is ok.

Be aggressive and understand that some people think things different then you and the whole world is crazy. You have to be strong and fight for YOU. Things are going to happen. You are going to with yourself for your whole life. Just be honest with you, and know deep down what you should or shouldn’t do! 

The past is the past and you need to move on with the future. Be true to you. BE TRUE.  

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