So, it’s 11:20 PM on a cold Friday night. Earlier tonight I went out to La Carreta with some friends for dinner. I got a few enchiladas.. however I enjoyed the salsa and refried beans the most! I loooove refried beans.. even though they look like poo.. :p I was asked to go to the bars afterwards.. but I was really tired and just wanted my warm bed. ❤ Who else gets like this on a Friday night? I am 21 22 and crave my bed at 10:00 PM? What kind of 22 year old am I?!

Whatever- I am me and that’s that. :p I am watching FRIENDS right now and it’s the episode where Joey tells Rachel that he loves her. She of course turns him down.. poor Joey. 😦 Isn’t this show awesome? I automatically start smiling when I hear their theme song. :p


You would be proud! I got all my car stuff done today! At 11:00 AM I grabbed my protein shake, got in the car and just did it!

Mmm shake
I got my registration, inspection and oil change done! Talk about being productive on my last day of Spring Break!  That afternoon I relaxed, had lunch (egg whites, veggies, and apple.) When my brother got home we scooted off to the gym and did my last LIVEFIT workout of phase 1 week 3! Cha!  When I got home I had another protein shake, took a bath and got ready to go out with a few friends! This was me getting ready.. :p

My hair looks wonderful from only washing it with baking soda a few times a week! I wouldn’t lie and would tell you if it smelt. But it doesn’t and is chemical free! 🙂  I am always looking for alternative ways to stay healthy, happy and to also save money! So anything you know, use or have experimented with let me know! 🙂 I can’t wait till the red is gone from my hair.. I really don’t like it! LOL

While I was taking a bath.. I thought a lot about health/wellness (no.. really? :p) but especially how most college kids and kids my age use the weekends to binge drink/go wild! A lot of them will use the excuse “I only live once, so why not?!” However, what I believe from past experiences and experiments..is that in order to FULLY appreciate all this life gives us, one must truly respect, love and treat themselves RIGHT as well as their mind and body. That means saying NO once in while. Of course, I fully recognize the importance of treating and indulging once in while. I mean.. we have to recognize the lovely entrepreneurs who gave us Dunkin Donuts or the amazing oreo, but it’s called moderation. However, until I started experimenting with my body and learning more and more about health and nutrition my view of balance was slightly different. Giving my body the nutrients it needs and the cravings it wants has taught me that depriving myself will not help me in the long run. If I want something I need to let myself have it. That doesn’t mean I eat 15 oreos in one night but it does mean if I am craving sugar, have a piece of fruit. If I am craving chocolate, grab ONE piece. My body is obviously trying to tell me something! But I have the control and I have the will power to tell myself, no you really don’t need all that much to satisfy a craving. Which, wasn’t the case a year or even a few months ago. The holiday season was a mess for me. But over the last few months I have been the strongest I have ever been! And I have a lot of you to thank for that. 🙂

The saying that often is used “I only live once” should be used as a reminder to tell the ones we love, that we love them. It should be used to remind us how life is a gift and we are very lucky to be given the chance to experience it. It should be used to remind us to go in the direction WE WANT and not what others want for us.. to follow our passions and dreams and not take life for granted! 🙂

I hope to one day get the chance to teach others about health/wellness. To full fill my passion of healthy living and help others to do the same if they so choose. I have a dream to not only help myself but to help others and nothing and no one can stop me. 🙂

What are your passions/dreams? Any fun weekend plans?? 🙂

2 thoughts on “FRIENDS <3

  1. LOVE this. 🙂 You’re so right–“you only live once” shouldn’t be a mantra used to excuse irresponsible and/or excessive behavior; rather an opportunity to truly seize the day! For me, that means living and enjoying things, people–everything!–in moderation. It also means saying no to deprivation…Life is far too short to not “indulge” once and a while. 😀

    I have no doubt that you’re going to do an amazing job guiding others to wellness! You have the heart and passion, and that’s all you need!

    Hope you’re having a faaaabulous weekend, darlin! xoxo

    Oh, and btw, Friends is possibly the best show ever made. 🙂

    1. Your comment made my day! It looks as though we have the same passion as well as outlook on what health and wellness should be about! Having a usual and consistent diet works best for me but if it’s a special occasion a treat wont hurt you. 😉 It’s all about the relationship you have for food and mine is getting better everyday! I can honestly say it this time and feel it as well! I hope I can help and communicate with others how we all really DON’T have to suffer and the enjoyment in life comes with how you treat your body and mind. 🙂 I had a great weekend and I hope you did too!! 🙂 Happy Sunday 🙂

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