Better mood, okay eating, & great boyfriend <3

What a day! My mood did a complete 360! How weird is it that? A mood can change so dramatically in one day… But I am not complaining. 🙂 Today was another perfect day on Spring Break. I did absolutely nothing! Besides my workout for LIVEFIT of course. 😉 I am still extremely sore from legs on Monday, it still hurts to move! I am strangely hoping my arms are just as sore tomorrow.. it means I am doing something right! Two more days of week three! I am very proud of myself for sticking through so far. What a change from doing so much cardio and absolutely none for almost three weeks!

For breakfast I attempted Peanut Butter Fingers Chocolate Protein Pancakes. They turned out yummy!

I mean anything with chocolate is a winner in my book. 😉 Along side I had a banana and topped the pancakes with a little natural syrup! Gosh do I love having the time to cook breakfast! 🙂

Lunch I had a turkey burger , yogurt almonds and a bunch of vegetables and hummus. 🙂

Before the gym I had an apple, a few carrots, dried apricot and some almonds. My eating wasn’t the best.. it’s so hard being home because even though I am able to cook.. all the food I shouldn’t be eating is looking at me. It’s a win-lose! Ah. :p

After my work out I had my protein! I tried a new kind (Vega) but I didn’t like it all. I sadly had to dump it out and stick with my usual. Then I got ready and went over to my boyfriends house. I know this is a health and wellness blog, but I also want this to be an everyday life of a (now) 22 year old! I couldn’t help but share my nice surprise with you. 🙂

My boyfriend had something up his sleeve since he didn’t get to celebrate with me yesterday. I knocked on the door and his friend answered the door. (The door is never locked.) His friend was in a suit and tie and asked to take my coat. (He was our butler! ;)) I looked over in the living room and found the table set, the lights out, candles lit on a birthday cake, and a movie on display.

How adorable… it was even healthy! Lobster and salad. It couldn’t have been any better!

I got myself to only try lick the frosting off the candles and try a tiny bite of the cake. The lobster sadly didn’t have too much meat to it so I luckily had a thinkThin bar with me and had that as dessert!

I thought dark chocolate was one of my favorites but it isn’t! I think chunky peanut butter will be my favorite for a long time. 😉 (It has peanut butter so of course it will be! ;))

I am not sure what I am going to have now.. since I am not home. But I will find something, my stomach is already growling and I most certainly haven’t eaten enough today.

How was your HUMP day? What was included in your hump day’s menu!? Has anyone surprised you with something sweet on your birthday?! I can’t believe I only have two days left of freedom, and then it’s back to the books. :/ How is lent going for everyone if they are partaking in it?

Well, that’s all folks. I am going to try and pay attention to The Parent Trap since it was one of my favorite movies growing up. I love it and will as long as I live. 😉

Good night and happy hump day!!

6 thoughts on “Better mood, okay eating, & great boyfriend <3

  1. That is a cute birthday suprise! My lent isn’t going to well. I am getting really sick of the same salad everyday. But I am having a hard time since I only like a few vegtables.

    1. It was wonderful!!

      Well.. don’t deprive yourself! It’s all in balance. What about trying to make a smoothie to include some veggies in your day?? There are a ton of different recipes that many people post that include adding spinach, kale, carrots… and you can add in anything else you want to make the taste enjoyable! 🙂 What did you give up for lent??

      1. I just gave up fries, and then I added more fruits and veggies, since I hadn’t been eating enough before. I wanna try and learn to eat them more regularly. I have never tried a vegtable in a smoothie. Maybe I will. I do love smoothies when I am at home. I do not mind veggies so much if they are in something, like with chicken or on pasta, or whatever. Its just hard to eat at school because of limited options! Grrrr

      2. Hilary,

        I completely understand that a schools cafeteria isn’t the same as a home kitchen! Fortunately, I never lived at school and ALWAYS have had a kitchen. Although, I was still on the go from 8-5 and had to come up with my own ways to bring healthy stuff along. At one point I had a whole cooler in the back seat of my car! LOL But I love raw veggies so it was a lot easier to just throw a big bag of carrots into a cooler and a baggy full of nuts!

        Honestly, I was just like you and I never was a fruit/veggie eater until I went out of my comfort zone and started trying more of them! I love new things and change but not everyone is like that.

        Trying your best is all you can do and I think it’s great that you are just thinking about incorporating new foods into your diet! You will most certainly have to try out some smoothies when you get home! Good luck.. lent will be over before you know it! 😉

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