Step-by-step Instructions for One-Ingredient Ice Cream. (http://www.thekitchn.com)

1) Pick a couple of ripe bananas. They should be sweet and soft but not too mushy.

2) Peel the bananas and cut them into coins

3) Freeze the banana pieces for at least an hour or two.

4) Put the pieces into a food processor or blender.

5) Blend on high. Initially they will look crumbly and piecemeal. The mixture will probably get stuck a lot. Keep scraping down the bowl. Suddenly, as you keep blending, you will see a change.

6) The bananas turn creamy!

7) (Optional) Now is the time to add a scoop of peanut butter, honey, or anything else you care to mix in.

8) The ice cream will be the texture of soft-serve, but if you freeze again in an airtight container, it will get harder and more like regular ice cream.

this sounds excellent!

This looks soooo good! Can I freeze the bananas for only 30 minutes, blend it with peanut butter and use it as a spread on my bread? I’ll save the rest for the rest of the day or the next day. SOUNDS DELIII

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