These are my holiday nails! I am at work proctoring students. I sit here while they take their exam, to make sure they don’t cheat.  It’s easy but can be quite boring. My exam is in about an hour. I haven’t studied and it is because I could honestly care less about finance. 

I have one more hour and I choose not to study? Does this mean I am stupid? I don’t think I would say I am stupid. I am making a decision that I think is best for me. If most wouldn’t agree with my decision- so be it. 

The truth is, while I sit here I remember back about 6 months ago where I barley stopped to catch a breath. I would say I was a bit crazy. Before getting into a relationship I was working a lot at the fruit center, going out occasionally, and still obsessing about food. I am grateful to be where I am now, even if it’s means I gained a little weight. I am at a place where I am not necessarily obsessing about one particular thing. I have a boyfriend. I love myself. I am still just working on loving my body and the diet I give myself. I am working on that healthy lifestyle is a lot more important then a “hot” body. Why? When you feel good you look good. When you feel good you have confidence and you take care of yourself. You love yourself which means that it will show on the outside. Honestly, whoever said confidence is what makes you “beautiful” was right. There are going to be so many bodies out there for anyone to look at. Who in the right mind is going to claim themselves as having the “perfect” body? What makes the perfect body? There are so many sizes and shapes! So love the one you have because as much weight as you may lose you will still have the same “type” of body. It will still curve and stand up the same way just in a more curvy way. Soooo…. just take care of yourself so you feel good. 

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