Happiness with my body will take some work. I have never been fully satisfied with it. Therefore, I have a habit of constantly doubting myself for it. Unfortunately. There isn’t anything wrong with it. However, I am always striving for perfection with everything. 

It’s interesting. I mostly just want to be happy. Happy with myself and happy with life. I need to understand there is no such thing as perfect and therefore just need to accept. 

As much as “health” is important to me, I should just be able to live day by day and be happy. I know with my condition eating well is important, same with exercise. But there is no reason to obsess about it. I know there is a happy medium.

Moving your body is important. Eating healthfully is important. I am smart enough to know how I feel and part of being well is facing my fears and not obsessing about it. I think moving my body should be done plenty over the week, same with consuming healthy foods. But there is a time for rest. There is a time to just be easy. Not obsess. Not eat a TON. Just be normal about it. I will work on it. I will succeed with balance. I will be able to live my life.

I know how to balance. I know I am smart, beautiful, and healthy. It will stay like forever. I will be healthy forever. But enough is enough with obsession. The needing of perfection. There is no such thing. You are well, you are happy, you are smart. That is all that matters. 🙂    

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