The story of life:
By, Lauren Paradis
The saying “things happen for a reason.” Is true. This is because things don’t work out in the past for certain REASONS.
Something happened and mistakes were made and therefore it doesn’t work out. Something was said, or done to make something not WORK.
Therefore, you learn lessons throughout life. Plenty of lessons. More then you would ever imagine. Life is work and you have to WANT things to work out. Divorces, fights, illness, diseases. It’s all apart of life. Something have had to happen for things to form. For things to be unpleasant. But if you have the will power, the heart, the passion, it can all work out. Things don’t have to be bad, sad, pr upsetting. Say your sorry, explain, be straight forward. There is no need to ever beat around the bush or hide something. Say how you feel. Mean it. Love it. Love life for all it brings. Fight, and never back down. Fight for what you believe in and love it with all you have. Be the survivor and live life the way we all should. Without guilt, heartache, bitterness or anger. Live it with compassion, smiles, laughter, and a good well being. 🙂 

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