Posting this made me think about how life is so simple. If you read this carefully and logically you will realize that the BEST things in life are really priceless. What thing, person, or event has made you FEEL happier then the feeling you get on Christmas Eve. 

I can’t thing of one thing that makes me feel happier then the FEELING I get on Christmas Eve. I am with the people that mean THE MOST to me. It’s early in the morning. I am listening to Christmas music and drinking coffee.

Not one item, event, or person makes me feel happier then that particular early morning. It proves how much a feeling is the most important aspect of ones life. Happiness. I am sure happy on Christmas morning. It’s not the presents, it is the presence of family all together in one room laughing, smiling, and enjoying each others company. The patience, calmness, relaxation we are all sharing is so delightful. 

I can’t imagine not being able to do this with my mom, dad, and brother in the future. But I know as time passes you have to create your own memories. We all celebrate differently, but the way my family does it is what makes me happy. Happiness. The most important part of life and it’s unfortunate that we all don’t realize that we weren’t put on this earth to make others happy. We are here to make ourselves happy no matter how selfish it sounds. It’s true and it may have taken me longer then most to realize it. But maybe it hasn’t. Maybe most don’t realize it until it’s too late. Who knows. I am just grateful I realized it now. 

This feeling is in my reach and is so soon and I can’t wait! I am very grateful to be living, healthy, and happy right now and no one will take the feeling away from me!  

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