I sit here on this uncomfortable chair at work. I hear the phone ringing and people talking. I am listening to “From This Moment On” by Shania Twain & Bryan Whit. I laugh a little. I smile. I think about my boy Jimbo. I realize that songs like this one makes you think of the happy moments you have spent with family, friends, and the ones that mean the most to you. I listen to these lyrics closely. Feel every word spoken by these amazing people. When these individuals were singing, they were in the moment.

From this moment on I want to take all the energy I have and put myself where ever life wants to take me. I realize that there isn’t a perfect life. A perfect body. A perfect anything, besides a perfect moment. Make every moment “perfect.” Your thoughts and mind will make that choice.

It’s true when someone tells you that your body, your hair, your clothes wont determine your happiness unless you let them determine it. While I was listening to that song and thinking of happy moments I wasn’t paying attention to the clothes I was wearing or how much I weighed. I was paying attention to my happiness. My smiles. Laughter. That goes to show you how HAPPINESS is all that matters.

Life is about the work you do and the one you love. Yes, nothing is going to be easy. You will wonder why you chose the path you did. But I hope that no matter how many tears and sadness life brings you tell yourself and whomever means the most to you, hell yea it was worth it. 

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