I love this picture. It describes how time has such an effect on life and my sign. Should I get this is a tattoo??

Why does life have to be so confusing and crazy?? I feel like there is not one person who is ever 100% happy. Really life gives me such a headache. One minute I think I am happy and the next I am not.

I know deep down how I feel.. but it’s so hard knowing what could happen if I really put my mind to it. If I wasn’t with someone would I feel comfortable enough to have the time of my life? If I put all my anxietes behind me would I really be happy? I have no idea and I don’t think I could because it’s all about balance. Honestly, I need to take care of myself in order to be happy. I need to budget my health, money, fitness, school, etc. To be happy this all has to be balanced. I love having money and doing things and money is so stressful for everyone that I need to make the right choice and choose what it is I want.. Deep down I know what it is I want. Why can the anxiety of money never leave my side god!

I come first and if I list it all that I need and make sure I do I will be fine! But look at my weekend.. I could have done all this stuff if I really wanted to and I chose not to. I am just another walking mess just like everyone else. But I put the discomfort aside and face my fears. I pick out what the hell I want and reach for my dreams and not let anything stand in my way, not one thing. I look into the future and understand that things will never change, never and you always go back to your old ways. ALWAYSSSSS.

What I need to start and make sure I am doing is:
– Return what I need to.
– Have alone time.
– Eat healthy all week.
– Excercise everyday.
– Hang out at school more and plan fun things for senior year.
– Go out when I want.
– List goals and inspirations.
– Live day by day and not stress all the time about money.
– Save as much as possible.
– Inspire.
– Know everything will get done!
– Money will always need to be there but you need to live for the day too!
– RELAX and don’t take life so seriously.

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